Our Infrastructure

The Mangampeta mines with an estimated reserves of 74 million tons of barite, was discovered in the year 1954 and it’s estimated that the Mine will serve industry requirements for few more decades. In the year 1994 the Barite mines were Nationalized by Govt. of India, in order to have control on utilization of Barite Mining to balance Environment and Industry healthy levels and pass on the benefits to the Public.

Pulapathuri Processing plants are located at Mangampet very close to Barite mines.

Huge place available for stocking Raw Material and Finished stock (28,000+ square meters open & closed area at Mangampeta)

Crane & Trucks are available for Transport of material to Kakinada, Dosapadu, Chennai etc.

We have our own and leased pulverising mills to process Barite powder under Pulapathuri Supervision. Our current production capacity is 7500 MT per month and we foresee to increase the production capacity to 12500 by end of the year 2012.

Presently we have 3 Roller Mills two & 5 Roller Mill one and we are planning add two more pulverising mills in our plants list by end of the year 2012, with full production capacity.

We are 100+ Employees in Pulapathuri group with sincerity and dedication to the task and we use company assets as our Own.

We have plans to open transport company to accommodate Pulapathuri transport to Kakinada, Dosapadu, Chennai etc.