About Us

Abhirama Pulapathuri™ Group has been established for Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting of Processed API grade “BARITE powder” to Oilfield drilling companies and its suppliers.

We at Pulapathuri, have combined together the best people, the best systems and the best mechanism to deliver Superior and unmatched API Grade Barite powder with full commitment towards our Common Goal of gaining Customer satisfaction & support to become one of the best supplier in the Industry.

Started as a small company with a plant, then expanded our business to supply API Grade Barite powder inside India and later started exploiting the Export of Barite Powder in Middle East and other countries.

Key Personnel of Pulapathuri:

Pulapathuri Subbarami Reddy, Business Advisor
Pulapathuri Ramasubba Reddy, Managing Director
Pulapathuri Sudharshan Reddy, Executive Director

Gadi Raja, Manager-Production

T Srihari, Officer-Accounts&Ops

C Gangadhar, Supervisor

P Koteswar Rao, Supervisor

Group Companies:

Abhirama Minerals
Pulapathuri Micro Pulverising Mill
Abhirama Pulapathuri Chemicals Pvt Ltd


Top priority:

Satisfying the end user is always the top priority at Pulapathuri which has made Pulapathuri incomparable and elite in terms of Quality, Delivery, Cost effectiveness and Caring.



1. Plants and Administrative office located at Mangampet, close to Barytes mine

2. International standard HDPE Bags are used for package (50kg / 1 MT / 1.5 MT)

3. 100% Quality Control @ different stages

4. Safety stock @ warehouse

5. Well equipped Laboratory


Our centre values include:

Safety – Safety serves as a barometer of our company’s overall success and is a specific measure of our operating excellence

Trust – we Develop trust in employees, customers, Investors and stakeholders to create a healthy relation in and outside the company

Confidence – Self-confident people take initiative, handle the unexpected, stand behind their convictions and support the efforts of others. They take bold, innovative, creative actions, capitalize on opportunities, make material decisions quickly.

Teamwork – Teamwork is personnel involvement and contribution in a team environment making an individual commitment to the team’s success in order to achieve Mission & Vision of the Company

Accountability – Being accountable every employee assumes ownership and responsibility for his work, regardless of the job they perform by making decisions and holding themselve responsible for the Results.

Right Things @ Right Time

Quality – Quality is the primary feature of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and it requires employees to continuously provide internal and external customers with the best quality of product and services before - during and after the delivery of material. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, better quality translates into better value for our customers and for Pulapathuri.

We respect every Stakeholder/Member for his/her Performance, Sincerity, Hardwork and contribution